About My Site

This is the internet home of Todd Russell, a.k.a. Groovechicken. The links on the left side will lead you to an eclectic mix of items, many of which have their own unique style. Below is an explanation of what can be found in the various sections of this site. If you would like to keep up with what I am doing online, your best bet is to head to my blog and subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow me on twitter. I will try to post to both of those when I update my main site. If you would like to hire my services for a project, the contact page will get you the info you need. Thanks for visiting!

Projects: These are works I've taken on for love, money, notoriety, or all of the above. Any of the skills exhibited in the making of these works can be freelanced for reasonable fees.

My Books: Links to the books I have written. The Last Martyr is a free download for now and my Ireland journal can be purchased through the Amazon Kindle Store.

Short Stories: Currently, this links to the one short story I have completed in a news series I am working on. As I finish more, this will become a page of links to the rest. Ideally, I would like to make video shorts out of these at some point in the future.

Photography: I am an amateur photographer, meaning I love to practice the art, but not dedicated enough to create images that are more than "occasionally interesting". If they are here, feel free to use them.

Ramblings: Random thoughts, explorations of topics I find interesting, rants, persuasions, and any other articles I happen to write that don't fit in the other categories.

Reviews: Most of my reviews pertain to technology, games, movies, or music. When I review a technology item, I try to take a different slant than the rest of the blogging world. You be the judge of whether or not I succeed.

Forecasts: Sometimes these will really be me predicting a future outcome I expect to see. Then again, sometimes I am trying to give a company an idea for a product in a way that they do not have to worry about giving credit to the source if they follow through. So, if you represent a company, feel free to take a hint.

WWGS?: Google Voice does a generally terrible job of transcribing voice mails, causing me to laugh out loud almost every time I get one. Some of these are so hilarious that they MUST be shared.

About Me: This should be self-explanatory. If anything in my experience interests you, I am always open to meeting at a nearby coffee shop for further explanation.

Archives: These are old projects that I have retired, but are useful for showing former interests or technical skills.

Applecations: Small programs I have written for Mac OS X. Apple-cations, get it? Yeah, corny, I know.

Mods: A few computer mods I have created over the years. I only include them because some random people out there on the internet continue to view them. I no longer engage in the hobby for lack of free time.